Why Wilderness 1st: Weekend Warrior Patrik Bangle

We’re raising awareness about learning important skills to care for yourself or others who may become ill or injured in the outdoors by spotlighting members of our community who have earned their Wilderness First Aid Certification or higher!

Join us November 4-6 to earn your Wilderness First Aid + CPR Certification at historic Sturtevant Camp!

Patrik Bangle, Weekend Warrior, Wilderness First Aid

What inspired you to learn Wilderness First Aid? What was your favorite part of the experience?

Once I was bit by the adventure bug I knew that I needed to become more self sufficient, as well as be more prepared to help anyone that I may come across in the wild who is in need of assistance. If I wanted to start going on bigger adventures, it was a no-brainer. My favorite part of the 2-day course (held at an REI in Orange County) was the scenario role-playing, which really helped someone like me who learns much better with hands-on demonstrations rather than just book learning.

Have you ever used your skills in the field? Tell us about it.

Luckily, I haven’t had to use any of the skills training….yet! However I’ve been able to pack a more suitable first aid kit than I would have known otherwise, which has come in handy both for people in my hiking groups as well as people I’ve ran into along the trail who needed the odd bandage, medication etc.Ad

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